Depression is NOT a Personal Failure

Depression is NOT a personal failure. Depression feeds on negative emotions, creating what seems like an endless cycle of misery. One of the hardest aspects of living with depression and/or anxiety is the sense of complete overwhelm that can take hold within the mind and body. 

Depression pushes my mind into a believing I can fix it, and when I can't, it taunts me with failure.

When depression has me crumpled in a heap, I feel like a complete failure.

But the reality is, depression is NOT a personal failure.

Depression is an illness. 

Every time I stumble, fail at a task or give in to exhaustion, I fall into the trap of believing I'm a failure.

The feeling of failure triggers me to try and fix myself.  Triggered by guilt and shame, I succumb to the toxic combination of depression fatigue, along with an an all-or-nothing push to succeed

The fix it approach is simply not sustainable..

That is the story of my depression.  Perhaps it is your story too.

Whatever the story of your depression is -

When depression knocks you down, 
it does NOT not mean you have failed.
 Beyond the symptoms and 
heartache of depression
 you are enough.

Even though the impulse is to try and fix the situation, you can only accept it.

Acceptance creates space and energy, so you can focus on finding what feels good, in the moment.

I call this coming home.

Home in my heart, I can accept the reality of this illness.

I can look for the sweet in bittersweet.

And I can begin to explore my passions in a way that accommodates my depression.

Accepting and creating the space to actually accommodate this illness is not easy, but the principle is based on a simple truth.

I am enough.

You are enough.

Depression is an illness.  You didn't choose to have depression.  And while you have bad days it's not your fault.

Let's begin to shift our focus, from fixing, to building nourishing practices into our days, so that our days can accommodate the depression.

I believe in you.

Stay strong brave friend

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