Hello Brave Friend

Hey, hi there, thanks for stopping by.

I'm Kimberlee, founder of Brave Treasures, a blog about living with, and moving through, the fog of depression.

Having been diagnosed with depression and PTSD from childhood trauma, I started this blog in the hope of encouraging myself and others to stay strong. 

My posts offer an honest, real-life glimpse into living with depression.

If you're reading this, please know, depression does not make a person weak.  Often people with depression try to put on a brave face.  It's one thing trying to get through the day with this illness, but continually having to face the stigma and shame of depression doesn't help. 

Depression lies, it plays havoc with the mind. But the fact you are here now reading this is testimony to your strength.

I write and create brave treasures to encourage a supportive, open conversation around mental health, so we can be brave together.

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