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Dear Brave Friend

Breath into your brave.  Breathe into the understanding being brave isn’t necessarily about thinking positive.

Staying with the darkest of impulses isn't easy, but when I can stare into the shadowy face of depression and stay present with the anguish, I realize something.  I don't actually get swallowed up by fear.  Having said this, it's important to make the distinction: depression isn't a mood state, or something that can be remedied with positive thoughts.

Depression is a devastating, potentially fatal illness.

Today I reached out to my doctor and told her I was struggling with my depressive symptoms.  We talked about my adjusting my medication.  I felt a wave of compassion move through me and I realized: it's okay to adjust my medication, my body needs support, I don't need to feel guilty about needing medication

I believe one of the greatest acts of braveness is staying present when depressive symptoms hit.  It's not always possible, but becoming aware of my breath helps.  Breathing into my brave, I can feel the intensity and overwhelm surging through me.  I follow the harsh whisper of my shallow breath and attempt to slow my breathing down.

The conscious act of returning to my breath opens up a little space and I can ask:

"what do I need right now, what small action can I take to demonstrate kindness and compassion towards myself?"

This question helped me make the call I needed to make. 

Together, we can face this illness. When things get overwhelming, when depression takes you over, always remember: depression is an illness, but it doesn't define you, for you are beautiful, brave and strong.

What do you need right now, brave friend?

Bravest hugs,

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